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As part of our ongoing collaboration with Canopy, we are helping to protect one of the most precious places on Earth—the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia. By dedicating a tree, you have helped to protect this jewel of ancient, endangered rainforest.

Canopy has been working to preserve endangered forests for almost 20 years, helping to stop their destruction by transforming supply chains to become more sustainable. They have worked with more than 750 companies—from publishers and magazines to global fashion brands—improving their practices and supporting the development of next-generation solutions.

As a brand, we first made a commitment to Canopy in 2014, pledging that all of our viscose would be responsibly harvested and free from ancient or endangered forests by 2017. We met this commitment in the autumn of 2016 and continue to ensure that all of our viscose supply chains are free from ancient and endangered forests.

Every year, 150 million trees are cut down to create fabric, so for all of our ready-to-wear collections, viscose is sourced from sustainably managed and certified forests in Sweden.

The Leuser ecosystem is particularly special because it is the one place on the planet where rhinos, tigers, orangutans and elephants are found together in the wild. This 6.5 million acre forest is home to the endangered Sumatran Orangutan, whose dwindling numbers are arousing fears they may be the first great ape species to become extinct. It is also home to 105 different species of mammal, 382 bird species and 8,500 plant species. 4 million people rely on it for clean air, water and their livelihoods.

A donation to Canopy directly helps to protect this vast and complex ecosystem and endangered forests worldwide. If you’d like to offer further support, click the donate button. Thank you for your support.


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